Chopping the Onion

True Jokesters the people at the Onion are. The Onion does present news, some a little butchered, but they indeed know how to catch the eye of their readers. I feel that the purpose of this website is that it delivers news in a different way, and that is, incorrectly. Some of the information they say can be true, but a lot of it is not all true. There is a slight sarcastic tone that can be picked up when reading their articles, and it makes it a fun read. I feel that because of this tone, this attracts the 18-30 age range, as I feel the veteran newspaper readers, that read the New York Times, or the Chicago Tribune, would not have the patience to read the Onion which is both inaccurate and fake. The main thing for me that waves the flag that it is a joke, is simply the things they write about. When one titles something such as “Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, A-Rod Spring To Patriots’ Defense Over Deflated Footballs” clearly that is just them calling out these steroid users. Perfect example here, being that as this is clearly a fake event that these players came forward about the Patriots mishap in the AFC championship game, but still a small part about this article is true in that the Patriots did indeed play with deflated footballs, that is the only true thing here. In another article titled “Medical Breakthrough Provides Elderly Woman With 2 Extra Years Of Inconveniencing Family” not only was the title of the article very convincing that the article was not real, within the article it is said “We’re pleased to report that Ms. Goldman’s operation went well, allowing her to continue saddling loved ones with $40,000 in hospice bills over each of the next two years,”. I found this to be rather funny, but knew it was all just a joke. I overall enjoyed the Onion, though I know not to use the Onion for any school assignments. I had heard of the website in the past and had written it off for its known comical approach, as when I am looking for articles online (which I do not do frequently) I am usually looking for school, and need accurate information. Though, now giving it a chance, I plan to look at the Onion when I am looking for a funny read.


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