Chapters 1-3

In the Book Everything I Never Told You, there are many big topics brought up. There is suicide and racism. Both topics are rather prominent in the first 3 chapters. The story starts off with what will really in my opinion be the headline in the story and that is that Lydia has died. Though, to the rest of the family of Lydia it is believed that she in just missing. Throughout the first chapter until the end, they believed she was just missing. At the end of the chapter, it is found that she was at the bottom of a lake, where there was a floating boat in the middle of the water. The next chapter discusses the possibilities of why this happened, as well as a focus on how Marilyn and James met, and James’s childhood. Then as we dive into chapter 3 we see Lydia’s funereal, and a possible suspect as to the reason of Lydia’s death and that is their neighbor Jack. These chapters already gave me insight as to how this book might be different than any other book that I have ever had the chance to read. This was that there seems to be some underlying favoritism for Lydia by her mother Marilyn. It not only said deliberately on page 3 “she is her mothers favorite” but by the way she would have these dreams or thoughts about Lydia at the spur of the moment. More important and more of a pattern that I saw was the instant stories that Marilyn would come up with. The first Lydia vision from Marilyn was in Chapter 1 when Marilyn was looking for Lydia in her room and she says “Mom, I went downstairs for some water. I was lying right here all the time.” This trend is then followed in Chapter 2, where she has a flashback vision from her times at Harvard, where she says on page 36, “He understands. What it’s like to be different.” This is a moment at the beginning of when they started (James and Marilyn) developing feelings for each other. The last vision that follows this pattern is found in chapter 3 on page 73 where Lydia responds to Marilyns attempt to vacuum her room by saying “I’m busy Mom”. This last flashback/vision of Lydia is a little more bold than the others. This brings up the deeper meaning idea as to why Lydia’s diaries are empty. This is interesting because it would make sense for her to kick her out if she wanted her not to see her writings, but she didn’t write anything in them. Though maybe it does make sense she wanted to maybe be left alone as she might be depressed leading to her taking her own life.


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