Chapter 4

Yet again there are flashbacks which were a rather relevant pattern seen in the previous 3 chapters. The chapter starts off with the office party in which Marilyn was basically offered a job. The vision went just like this “I guess I could use some help” which was said by Todd. Though we later find out that the offer got taken away, as someone else got it. This obviously frustrated Marilyn, and urged her to go for a ride. She actually ends up in the hospital that day, and when she wakes up she has this vision that she would become a doctor just like the girl Dr. Wolff. The chapter finishes with James and Nath at the park, where James is confronted with his childhood Nath, playing on the playground, is being bullied by his peers. What for you ask? The same thing that James was bullied for when he was a child; being Chinese-American. Not only do both Marilyn and James reflect on visions from their past, but the content of their visions are what is the most interesting. For example, in this chapter it is found that Marilyn went missing; which is what happened to Lydia. In this chapter as well, Nath is being barraged for being Chinese just like James was when he was a child. I am starting to formulate that this family is all very similar, and very connected. I feel that because of James and Marilyn’s past, they want better for their children, and it seems to break them when they find out that their children are going through the same hardships, or experiences that they have.


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