Interesting Passage

Thus far, this book has made us question why people do the things they do. Suicide is a big deal, and a growing issue in todays society. A large theme that has gained more and more popularity as time has progressed linked to suicide, is selfishness. The idea that when one takes ones own life, you are putting your family through more pain. To continue my theme that I have addressed in this book “Like father, like son, like mother, like daughter” the first paragraph in the start of chapter 5 encompasses my theme as well as was a passage that really stood out to me in the most recent chapter readings. One of the key quotes from this passage reads as “‘How could you, she would have thought, when you knew what it was like? As it is, imagining her sister sinking into the lake, all she can think now is: How?” (NG102). Hannah is contemplating why her Mother would do such a thing, and on top of that her sister? Hannah believes that Lydia knew what pain Marilyn brought upon the Lee family, and for Lydia to be that selfish to put them through that again does not sit well with Hannah. Marilyn’s objective as an adult women was to not be her mother. She does things “against the grain” and wants to be the best role model for her kids. What is ironic about all this, is that she is being counterentutive and doing the opposite. Unlike Marilyn, yes James and Nath go through similar troubles regarding their race, at least Marilyn could control her actions and not put thoughts such as running away into her mind: giving up.


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