3 Column Note Response over ch.1 and 2

In the first part of this book, we are introduced to a few characters. Two main ones that stick out are Marie-Laure who is a 16 year old blind girl in 1944, when Paris is introduced to war. Being blind is not ideal, especially during war time when your vision is rather important. Before the war started, and Marie was still adjusting to being blind, her father Daniel is prepared for the challenge. He started to teach Marie to learn the neighborhood that she grew up in, as she will be spending a lot of time there, it is important to have a good feeling for that area. He prepares his daughter for what was a very bad situation by saying “Now, you’re going to take us home.” (chapter 13 paragraph 7). He knows that his daughter can live a fulfilling life, but needs just a little boost. I question how well he knew if this war was coming, if he knew to prepare for the things to come. 

Earlier in the book, we are also introduced to Werner. Being an orphan he is mentored by Elena. Werner has been conflicted with this scientific and very smart mind, but shut down because of his current standing. Elena wants to promise Werner that he can strive to be great by saying “They’ll say you’re too little, Werner, that you’re from nowhere, that you shouldn’t dream big.” (chapter 10 paragraph 11). I question why he ended up where he is and what he will become in the future. I believe both these characters (Marie and Werner) will strive for greatness and get through this awful period of time.


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