Section 3 Response

Section 3 moves along with when Marie and Daniel make it to their destination. They are met with Marie’s uncle, who just got back from the war. Marie is blocked off from the outside world, as her uncle Etienne and Daniel do not feel it is safe to leave the house. Inside, they are trying to keep Marie entertained as much as possible. In the same continent, Werner starts the process to get into the National Political Institutes of Education where he is put through a rigorous process to actually be able to start there. He is finally admitted, and he does very well. His professors acknowledge how well he is doing, by singling him out. He is way ahead of his other classmates and it is shown. War brings out a lot of emotion. There are many hardships, and long lasting pains that come with being involved in war. I felt that Etienne, and what his wife had to say about her husband is very powerful. She goes on to say in section 3, “But your great-uncle, when he came home, he was not the same as when he left. “(chapter 42 paragraph 16). This is a common occurrence for many war veterans. Many veterans develop sicknesses and health problem just mentally. The toll that the war plays on someone mentally, the constant pressure, and home-sickness alone can drive one insane. I feel that this idea of not being the same with Etienne, is also connected to Werner’s sister, and her fear that he will not be the same. Who knows how Marie and Daniel will be after all of this? Section 3 has a lot of issues brought up, and was very interesting.


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