Section 4 and 5 response/ideas for Inquiry 2

War time is upon us. Both Marie and Werner, though far from one another, are both dealing with the war. Being attacked is difficult. Especially with Marie being blind in a new environment, things are not so easy for her. As the story progresses, Werner and Fredrick are death with issues. As Fredrick seems to be able to do nothing correct, Werner gets off scotch free and just goes to lab. Seems that Werner being as smart as he is, has paid off well for him. This war has brought upon a lot of stress, especially for Marie. She has not seen her father in some time now, eventually hears from him that he is fine, and he hopes well for her. Marie again is left with no choice but to adapt as she needs to become more familiar with a new environment. After about 5 times of going to the beach with her aunt, she soon is able to go to the beach on her own. This is deja vu, as her father taught her sometime ago to learn her own neighborhood. Section 5 concludes with news about the special rock. Sergeant Rumpel thought he had the real one, but no, he found 3 fakes.

For inquiry 2, I am like the idea of using the movie “Remember the Titans”. This movie is a classic, and many people have seen this and many believe it to be their all time favorite. I chose this movie because not only is it about football, and I love sports, but also brings about one of the larger issues in our history, and that is racism. I want to bring up other instances in sports history where racism was problem like Jackie Robinson.


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