Favorite Chapter from Sections (6,7,8) i chose 7

Out of all the chapters that I read, I found my favorite to be the chapter “The Messages” seen in section 7. I say this because a lot of this book is comprised of the connection to radios. During the war, communication is very limited, if not scarce. So in this chapter when it is said by Etienne “Monsieur Droguet wants his daughter in Saint-Coulomb to know that he is recovering well.” it shows the importance to whatever little communication can be gathered. Loved ones and family members can be lost, and with any tragedy and war, you must be understanding that communication will be scarce. I then find it confusing thought nearing the end of the chapter that a telegram is sent from Saint-Malo to Berlin citing that terrorist broadcasts were being sent and asking for assistance. This threw me off because I can’t say I saw this coming and am rather confused as to why this occurred. Though, if I started to now question all the things that happen in this book, I will have a very hard time understanding all that is said. Having this book be placed in a dated time, it can also conclude confusion for the readers.


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