All about that Bass

This article is the breakdown and diagnosis of one of todays most popular hit songs “All About That Bass”. Mapes takes a very serious approach, to a very playful song. The song is indeed playful in itself, but the message that lies underneath the song is rather powerful. Today’s society, especially involving the “perfect body image” we are all told what is perfect. It has become in many cases dangerous, and unhealthy for some individuals when trying to reach this unattainable height. Within the song itself, there are many instances where Trainor uses certain phrases to prove a point like when she said “then asks to be treated “like a trophy.” as this is an example of “Mimetic”. Trainor uses this style throughout, she likes to use one thing to represent another. With this topic being so touchy, it is easier to incorporate a strong message such as this by Trainor, in a playful upbeat way. This article also is very impactful on the audience, and the tone that Mapes uses is seen by the audience. Mapes was showing throughout her article the use of “pragmatic” especially in the instance when she said “as a pop music fan, I find just about everything about Meghan Trainor irritating, from her Karmin-esque rap breakdowns to her apparent love of doo-wop and Glee-style a cappella.” I was interested to see such a tone, for when this song had such a strong message, for someone to break Trainor apart like that was something else. The use of Pragmatic and Mimetic was evident, and seen throughout the article. Though I saw mostly Pragmatic as she was able to affect the audience and their mood through almost everything she said.


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