Born in the USA

This song “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen is one of the more controversial songs in the history of music. It has a very patriotic, and innocent feel from the outside, but if you dive into the song and see what else it may infer or mean, it then brings out the controversy and how it may be offensive to some. In the section “Abstract” Schneider talks about the make-up of the song, how many Springsteen fans don’t really view this as one of their favorite songs by him, but it indeed was a very important song for his career. In his next section “Arguing born in the U.S.A.”: Right, Left, and Neither” he discuses how he doesn’t know Springsteen’s political standpoint but he does indeed hit on some topics in the song that wave some flags. In the article, when discussing some of the lyrics it states, “I have not got a clue about Springsteen’s politics, if any, but flags get waved at his concerts when he sings songs about hard times.” There are many ways one can look at this, but the best way is to take it with a grain of salt, that music is an industry, and too not take it personally. He is indeed proving a message, but we can’t hold it all against him. We then move on to the section “Rock as Rhetoric, Music as Form” Schneider again flips the song and dives into it deeper. He calls out Springsteen immediately, if he intentionally was or not, but states how it is not unique to use rhetoric in music, or to view it as rhetoric. that it is not unique. Artist time and time again have used music to influence an audience. Overall, I felt this article brought out some deeper meaning to this song that I never really saw before unless this deeper type of analysis was to be done. I agree with where Schneider is coming from, just a little to harsh in my opinion. I say this because music is a business, these guys are not politicians.


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