Inquiry 3 proposal

For Inquiry 3, I wold like to develop a “fake” Facebook page, about the article we read about “All About That Bass”. I like this because with the Facebook par I feel I can incorporate many mediums, and other uses of expression that I feel can be well accepted to many different audiences. I feel that this can best encompass what I am trying to express. I feel that with in part with my studies in my WGS 201 class, I feel that just any other medium would not do the job. I plan to use about 5 different videos in which I explain where they come from, and why they are important to the project. I feel that the more visual learning that can be expressed the easier it is for the audience to be engaged. I feel that with this topic, there can be many different conclusions as to what the message is being expressed. I feel that the media has developed this “Perfect body” and the public has attached to the media. I plan to expose this with showing how bad it can get, but also showing how it really is behind the scenes. I plan to include about 5 articles as well, that discuss the game that the media has played, along with other research that back up messages within this song. I plan to include numerous amounts of pictures, at least 15-20 that I then go on to explain how fake they might be or just simply show this is what the media wants us to this is perfect. I feel that there are many other things Facebook can offer, even allow me to make a post a speak my mind, add a few polls for people to respond to questions. This project will allow the audience to learn the way they want, and learn in many different ways.


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