D’Angelo Response

Intertexuality is something that can be used in various ways. If you need to draw info from something else, to compare it to something you are currently doing, it gives the audience another outlook, and can enhance your argument. The truth is, not everyone will understand or be able to relate to everything you say. Though, if you are able to connect it with something else, give the audience some other examples and options, so that they can develop their own opinions at their own pace. A lot of essays or projects goal is too allow the audience to see where the writer is coming from, but also give the readers the opportunity to continue discussing the topic matter, and allow for a new opinion. This can be seen, as it is being discussed how english departments are seeing it as, In “What is Cultural Studies?” Jonathan Culler asks the question, “What is theory?” His answer: “Much of what is central to theory . . . is only marginally concerned with literature” (340). This is important, because as we continue our studies, there are certain ways one can interpret. This is interesting because this is from the English department. I feel this type of discussing is brought up again later in the article when is is said about the ways of Robert L. Scott and Brock “However, Robert L. Scott and Bernard L. Brock contend that “the products of rhetoric are multitudinous” and should not be confined to speeches, public addresses, or editorials (7).This was interesting too me again, and I feel it is so because I too want to draw from different articles and different texts to further my understanding as well as my audience understanding of my Inquiry 3.


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