Social Construction Blog Jake Stotter

Through our daily lives, we are met with different instances where symbolism is brought to the forefront, but seen in many different ways of light. An idea that came to my mind that I feel is a great partnering to Social construction is stereotypes. I feel when we see a certain type of car someone is driving, the brand of clothing someone wheres, and unfortunately in many instances someones race, the symbolism or meaning of what that stereotype entails does affect how someone would approach another person. In the lives of social workers, many are met with all different types of people and backgrounds, and a key part to being a successful social worker is you must know your audience, and to stay in line. There will be different instances where different symbolism in colors, shapes, languages, and others that will affect someone, but the jobs of the social worker is to be as professional as possible. There were times in my women gender study classes where there were people involved in different activist groups, or people from different ethnicities so our teacher made it very clear to be socially conscious of that.


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