Field Trip


What were your initial impressions of our “field trip”?

  • From the outside, being such a small place I was not expecting to learn how much they do for the community.

What are the strengths of the people who work there?

  • The biggest strength I saw from the people who work there was absolutely the care and dedication the very limited staff puts in on a daily basis.

What are their biggest challenges?

  • The biggest challenge I noticed was the centers’ lack of volunteers at times, but even more the funding they receive seemed to be on the decline.

What did you “notice yourself noticing” while you were there?

  • I noticed that a center does not need the biggest space, or even the most qualified of social workers (with the highest possible degrees) to make a large impact on a community.

How does this relate to the social work textbook (find something specific from text)?

  • On page 13, the textbook discusses the importance of the Social Security Act which was passed on August 5, 1935. At the center we discussed and brought up the importance of the passing of this Act.


Where do you want to do your service learning placement? When will you set this up? How will you sent this up?

  • Right now I am leaning toward working at the center and or volunteering at a local church. Either one I do, may do both anyway, I will contact someone at the location via a phone call and set up a time.

If you have started your SERVICE LEARNING make sure to answer this question, too:

What are your initial impressions? Strengths? Challenges? Opportunities?


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