Social Welfare

  1. Walmart has a very mixed reputation. There are the people who believe Walmart is good for the economy, and there are some who feel it is hurting the economy. People buzz about the wages they pay its workers, but little do they think to bring up the fact that the employees know that is the type of job they are signing up for. Walmart and its board of Directors, when deciding their business model, that they should allocate their spending in different ways. They offer great prices to communities, so that anyone can live on a budget. Compared to the movie, I feel Walmart is the economy and society’s friend. “Low prices benefit both the consumers and the overall economy, besides being a winning strategy for Wal-Mart. Every dollar a consumer saves on a purchase enables him or her to buy other items.” This quote exemplifies some of Walmart’s key values and what it can bring to society, I got this quote from “”.
  • This website is the US’s plan to end hunger in America. They have a step by step plan the outlines the the blueprint to end this struggle that many americans face.

  • This website examines the President’s plan to end Africa’s world hungry with a strong emphasis on agriculture, to build from the ground up and produce crops internally.

3. The Syrian Civil war has brought a lot of hardship toward the country. This has created waves and large scale immigration problems for many countries. Turkey is leading the way being the largest host country for the people of Syria, but with things not seeming to settle down, it is unclear when resolution will come to the forefront.


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