Connection between service learning and book

The service learning that I have planned out to do is to give back to locals in the Oxford Community at a local church. These locals are of the elderly mostly, and look to the church for a place where they can conjugate for a warm meal with their fellow community members. When reading chapter 4, I came across the term “Prejudice” on page 83 which says how through behavioral characteristics individuals become rather stereotypical toward certain genders, ethnicity’s, and other discriminatory categories one may be discriminated by. When myself and the other helpers give back by setting up these events, we are giving back to a group at the church that has strong values, and would never be prejudice toward a certain group of people. I felt this was a good term to incorporate in my service learning, as an important part of giving back, is to give back to all, and not to turn down giving help to someone based upon what group they associate themselves with. I look forward to working with the church throughout the semester!


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